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Chinese Nationals Would Have Been Deported by Abacha regime – Fani Kayode

The former minister for aviation during GEJ tenure, Femi Fani-Kayode, tried to voice his discontent on the prsent admistration concerning the way it carries its subjects, while
trying to state what the former detector,late Sani Abacha woul have done if he were still in power at this time, he noted that many Chinese nationals would have been evicted with immediate effect following the maltreatment of nigerians by Chinese authorities.
He lamented after showing Chinese police Chasing Nigerians out of their hotel rooms and forcing them into inhumane quarantine.

FFK wrote on his twitter handle;

”Foreign policy & diplomacy is based on reciprocity and mutual respect. Based on the way in which the Chinese Government is treating our people, I call on the FGN to arrest the same number of Chinese citizens that are here, seize their passports & quarantine them indefinitely!

Say what you like about Gen.Sani Abacha but one thing I know is that he would not have taken this nonsense from the Chinese. If he had been in power today many of them would have been deported by now and no Chinese doctors would have been allowed in!”.

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