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Lai Mohammed Tells Governors to Stop Playing Politics With Coronavirus Directives.

Nigeria’s Minister for information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has voiced to Governors in Nigeria to put down political games on corona virus directives.

Mohammed said on Good Morning Nigeria- a Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) programme, this Friday April 10 while Commenting on the arrest of caverton pilot by river State Government, He highlighted that the clash between Federal and State directives will be unproductive if Governors continued to politicize the fight against corona virus.

“Nigerians are the responsibility of the Federal Government irrespective of the State one resides.

“In situations where the Federal Government grant certain permission to a category of cases and the State Government flagged that down is not in the best interest of Nigerians.
Lack of corperation between these two bodies will lead to failure.

He went on to comment on the relaxation of the lockdown for Easter festivities sayiny; “We have a very little window, and as of today, there is no known cure or vaccine for this disease all we have is Non Medicinal Intervention basically on prevention and management”

There is need for the cooperation of the populace as whole and adherence to Government instructions.

The essence of the Lock down was to ensure manifestation of syptom in persons when the 14-day incubation period of the virus is completed.

He further stressed that people can contract the virus by not observing social distancing or not observing hand hygiene.

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