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#Coronavirus: Lagos gate may takes #Covid-19 to Kaduda

A gateman that returned from Lagos has tested positive for #COVID-19 says Kaduna health commissioner -Baloni
The health commissioner explained that the gateman reported after his condition worsened after coming back from Lagos by public transport.
Baloni suggested that the latest case will put the community in the risk of possible transmission, and also saying that the public transport by which the gateman travelled will make tracing contacts difficult.
The gatekeeper whose name was not disclosed recently returned from Lagos state and has no connection to the first five confirmed cases in the state.
After the patient reported to the health authority he was immediately admitted to the Hospital Intensive care unit.
She said It is very difficult and complicated to trace the contacts of a patient who came from Lagos via public transport and had some instance of local commuting since his arrival,”
However, there is an ongoing effort to track down contacts to avoid further spread.

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