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The US mocks China’s lustful romance with Africa

The United States on Saturday termed Chinese authorities “Xenophobes” over their treatment towards Africans, especially Nigerians that were evicted from their residents.

Africans in southern China’s largest metropolis Guangzhou reported to AFP that they have been dislodged from their houses and hotel rooms after Coronavirus cases witnessed in Nigeria.

A State Department spokesperson said, “The abuse and mistreatment of Africans living and working in China is a sad reminder of how hollow the PRC-Africa partnership is,” The acronym refers to the Peoples Republic of China.

US President Donald Trump at the White House daily briefing slammed critics on Tuesday on his comment comparing Flue to coronavirus.
Boasting about US adherence to social distancing
These were his words “At a time when we should be supporting one another to recover from a pandemic PRC officials recklessly hid from the world, Chinese officials are busy evicting African students into the streets without food or shelter.”

The US in the past weeks accused China of deceiving the World by hiding the actual mortality figures from everyone, which has resulted in misanalysis on the nature of the disease and lead to losing lives.

“It’s unfortunate but not surprising to see this kind of xenophobia toward Africans by Chinese authorities”-the State Department spokesperson added.

“Anyone who watches Chinese engagement in projects across Africa recognises this kind of abusive and manipulative behaviour.”

The US has shown little interest in Africa since the inception of Donald Trump administration in 2017, which the communist state has taken advantage of, to promote its expansionist agenda and to establish itself as the new world power.

Chinese abusive behaviours are evidenced by its investments and loan terms in Africa, with the takeover of State assets on loan defaults in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Djibouti accompanied by its strong grip on Mineral resources of South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Promises made to Africans, including those who work and study in China, are never kept as advertised,” the State Department spokesperson said.

“To treat people – especially students – this way during a global public health crisis says everything about how the PRC views their so-called ‘partnership’ with Africa.”

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