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#Coronaviruseffect: Your food or your life

Covid19Hunger: In Abuja, watch and see how hungry Nigerians invaded a moving truck to steal

 food to eat.

It’s obvious that the so-called palliatives from the President @MBuhari led

Nigeria’s President Mohammadu Buhari a 14-day continuation of lockdown across Abuja, Lagos, Ogun states to curb coronavirus

spread citing concerns over rising numbers of cases in Nigeria and globally. Stating vividly that there is no other option that all measures will be taken to enforce the lockdown order and few hours videos surfaced online showing hungry Nigerians chasing after food-laden bus and truck in Lagos and Abuja respectively

There have been cases reported rising crime in Lagos after “#Lagosunrest” trend on twitter for the third time in April.

After the climax of the first lockdown, hoodlums went on a field day in streets of Lagos with no security operatives to come to the rescue of the affected areas, one

a Twitter user posted that Lagos Police command hotline was called by the various resident with no answers.

All this show that Nigeria’s economy is already toast and citizens attacking one another to show their anger over the government’s inadequate palliative measures.

Many other sectors of the economy have not been exempted from the aftermath of this coronavirus lockdown with the stock market on a free fall and rising inflation rate,

Putting the already ill-fated economic policies of this administration in jeopardy

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