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The causes of P-Square Split

P-Square was the brand label of Peter and Paul Okoye Music partnership, were reported to have handled most of their beat-making by themselves.

Popular hits and sampling western songs in their albums were some of the controversies the brand faced in the past and tried to resolve many a time in their interviews and lyrics.

These are some of the songs they have been called out for: “Get Squared”, “Danger”, “Game Over”, and others.

P Square line of expertise is i reconstruction of the drum pattern, lyrics or chord progressions. This accounts for the unique feel of their songs

Peter Okoye thought paternity scandal of Paul with a lady named Elshamah Igbanoi would affect their public image. Pauls denial of being responsible for the pregnancy caused face-off between the two for some time.

Peter perceived Paul getting preferencial share in selection of his songs as a lopsided in individual input of songs in their album content, which made Peter to refuse in contributing anything to the partnership from then henceforth.

Peter moved out with wife and kids from the mansion both owned, which also accomodated their extended family after a lawyer helped split their joint ventures which they developed for couple of years.


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