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#FunkeAkindeleSpeaks: Funke Breaks Silence With Public Address

Popular Actress Funke Akindele was seen online second time after being away for a long time due to Lockdown disobedience saga.

She came back we a message to Nigerians on ways to help the Nigerian government fight Coronavirus and ensure everyone is safe.

She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude for their support to family and the public during during the course of her conviction.

Her fans are not satisfied with her remorse and apologies, while one already commended her effort, urging others to forgive her and move on.

These are some of her chats and responses from fans:

Funke Akindele appreciates fans and family for standing by her the past few weeks in this video she just released. #FunkeAkindeleSpeaks Ifeanyi Michael @IFEANYIMICHAe16 · 4h She violated She got dragged She apologized She lost her endorsement She was charged with penalty yet She spoke She addressed “we must keep moving forward” She a queen.

I stan. @AyamDamiee Was waiting for her to do this. A lot of people feel “Community Service” is when you start washing your neighbours plates and sweeping the street.

Her using her platform to advocate for what she was charged for is also Community Service and it’s a good one. #FunkeAkindeleSpeaks Quote Tweet

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