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My Husband Thinks My Makeup Is “A Little Extra” Redditors think otherwise

A woman posted a picture of her makeup skills on Reddit, stating her husband’s dissatisfaction, but Redditors think otherwise.

She writes: To quote my husband, “it’s a little extra”.
Below are some of Redditors reactions:
The right amount of extra
I say wear it every day, it’s gorgeous ❤️

Ugh, its a lot of work tho lol I’ll save it for a sunny day!


Fair enough haha

female cactus

Bright? Yes. Well blended? Yes. Extra? I don’t see it

Lol extra for this girl who usually just uses bronzer for eyeshadow

Face: Revlon colour stay foundation in Buff mixed with CeraVe daily moisturizing lotion, L’Oreal Infalliable concealer in Eggshell, Revlon colorstay pressed powder in Fair

Brows: elf wow brow in taupe

Eyes: NYX Off Tropic shadow palette, wet n wild proline felt tip eyeliner, benefit roller lash mascara

Cheeks: Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, the same colours on my eyes mixed and lightly applied as blush

Somehow I’ve never thought of mixing my foundation with a moisturizer, that’s so smart! I’ve been jonesing for a good tinted moisturizer/skin tint ever since Philosophy discontinued their Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint… I’ll try doing this trick before buying a new product. Thanks!

I was surprised at well it worked and looked! I didn’t feel like searching for another tinted moisturizer I’ve just never found one that I liked.

what did you use to apply?? I wanna try it!

I used a real techniques beauty blender!

do you find that mixing your foundation with moisturizer makes it lighter? I’ve always wanted to try doing that but wondered if I should use a slightly darker foundation

It only makes it sheerer, not lighter.
You could sort of making it a CC cream though, by choosing a foundation with an undertone that cancels out whatever colour you (ETA: don’t) want in your complexion.

Do you like that wet n wild eyeliner? I was looking at it on Amazon and debating getting it.

It goes on nicely but eventually transfers onto my lids. I also have hooded eyes so that doesn’t help with the transfer.

So I think its kind of funny that I even need to say this, but my husband was joking around, not saying anything negative, and was extremely happy to see me happy with my makeup. Nothing to read into here

First, your husband’s just a guy, maybe he’s a little bland but I think it looks awesome and I’m sure pretty much everybody else says the same.

Second not to show my age, but your pose right there looks so much like Loretta Swit, AKA Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan from M.A.S.H. wowsers!

Lol! He liked it, its just not something I do all the time. And thanks!

Lol put some pink shadow on him while he sleeps. Let him know he needed a little extra 😂

I actually think it would look amazing on him 🤔😂

Pink always looks good on guys no matter what people say! Haha. Please share if you do. I’m sure he could be FOTD! 🤪😂

If he meant it in a good way. I think it’s very pretty

He didn’t mean it in a bad way, its just been years since I’ve done my makeup like this. He’s used to my more natural looks lol

I didn’t really think he said it in a bad way lol. Again, I love it. You look beautiful.

oh that’s why. I thought 1 color and wing being extra was a bit pushing it. It suits you very well especially with the hair ❤ The wings are goals.

It’s beautiful!

Thank you!

I love it!

I just think you need to bring it into the corners of your eyes a little tiny bit more on the upper lid

I agree! Tbh I did this on a whim and had already concealed. I was scared of a lot of fall out and wanted to salvage most of my concealer I had already applied lol. Next time I know to do my base AFTER putting bright colors on my eyes.


It matches great with your hair!

And a smoky version putting it on your lower lid with black liner on the inner eyelid on the bottom would look amazing too

You make a “little extra” look flawless

Omg thank you!

Tell him I said “it’s a little extra…FIRE!”

A lovely color palette! 💕


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Absolutely love it. 🔥

To quote me “Wearing actual colors is not extra” lol looks fantastic!

Will you please tell you husband – To quote my fellow Redditor, ” It’s gorgeous on you”

Don’t worry, he said it looks great! He’s just not used to it lol I usually do very soft understated looks

Haha ya I understood. JK P.S. you have gorgeous hair. Care to share some tips?


Thank you! I don’t have many really. My hairstylist is to thank for the beautiful balayage. I use a repairing shampoo and conditioner from L’Oreal every other day. The pink is from Overtone, its a semi-permenant coloring conditioner.

Do you think overtone would work on Virgin black hair? Or do I need color treated hair? Thank you for replying

I know they have some formulas for darker hair. I’m not sure how it would work but you can look into it!


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