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3 Years Engagement, 28 Abortions For Kunle, Yet He Dumped Me

A woman in her early 30’s called out her ex-boyfriend to come and finish his business with her. The boyfriend believed to be around his late 20’s.
She also threatened to inflict the young man with madness if her desires are not met.

According to the post which surfaced online on twitter this morning 12th March 2020 which has gotten people talking on twitter and Turned Kunle to an anonymous celebrity.
she writes: “Please post,” “I have been a quiet girl but not this time around” and “I have been with this guy since childhood.”

“I Pursued all my suitors because I thought he was serious with his marriage proposal.
Each time I took in, he will tell me to abort that he is not yet capable of starting a family.
I am in my early 30’s and he is in his late 20’s. When I got to know that I am older than him with a difference of 4 years, he said age is
not a problem.”

“I have had several abortions for him, I lost count on the 28th. At a point, I nearly died in one of the abortion.
I told him I am walking out of the relationship. He went and bought N500 and engaged me. It’s been 3 years I have been wearing that ring.
At some point, he agreed to fix a date for the introduction.
My people invited close family and friends, and coked food.on that day his phone was switched off.
After two days his number went through and he claimed his parents said he can’t marry a woman that is older than him.

In her exact words: Kunle, if you no run mas… call me a bast**d.
I will tell you I am from Bayelsa.

Urging the recipient of that message to post that kunle is following the page.
Kunle has already blocked her and she can’t reach him and she also offered to avail Kunle’s number for tagging.
She concluded by saying I don’t want nature to find me guilty of not pre-warning Him.

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