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Young Man Treks Long Distance, Carrying Sick Wife To Hospital In Rivers state

A video of a young man who trekked a long distance, carrying sick wife to the hospital in Rivers state emerged on Facebook and sparked outrage on the social media platform.

A woman who identified herself as Mumy B Oyigbo shared these videos on Facebook.
According to her, she noticed a sick lady in a vegetative state, carried by her husband on their way to the hospital.

AS can be seen from the video, a young man is carrying his sick wife to the hospital in Rivers state, had to trek for a long distance due to lockdown in the state, before being helped by a lifesaver.

The lockdown has made commercial transport services dear.
Movement is difficult in the State due to Extreme measures put in place by the Interim Governor of River State Nyesom Wike.

She went on to say state that hunger and disease will contribute to killing people in River State because no
can go out.”

She wrote: “Watch how this Coronavirus lockdown might be leading to death in Rivers State”.
The girl you see in the video was almost dying her husband had to carry her on his back for long because there is no vehicle on the road”.
“She almost fainted on the road I couldn’t record that part because I’m the only one driving”.
“Had to help them to my hospital”.

“Last time I saw a more severe case where I still drove them to my hospital free of charge where we gave the girl emergency oxygen she was a second away from death”.
God save us in this Rivers state.
“Many sick people will die at home”.
“If hunger does not kill other sicknesses will because you can’t go out”.
“God save us in Rivers state”.

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