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“#Port Harcourt Bole” Reigns Not #Wike

“#Port Harcourt Bole” King of Food Trends on twitter after the demolition of buildings in Port Harcourt because of lock-down disobedience.

Roasted Plantain or Bole in Port Harcourt, South-South Nigeria, it is referred to as Bole and eaten with fish.

Roasted plantain is commonly called Boli or bole in South-West Nigeria and eaten
with groundnut.

Bole with Groundnut

While the Eastern part of Nigerian eat roasted plantain (Ogede), with sweet hot sauce, and mixed with oil bean (Ugba/Ukpaka).

Bole is a food for all and can be consumed at any time of the day or year.

Some like garnishing theirs with utazi leaves which I can do without.

Bole garnished with Utazi

It is always purchased on a street corner
where women sit beside blackened bowls facing red hot coals and rarely made at home.
It serves as a meal for some people, while some eat it for pleasure or as a snack

These are some of the reactions of the debate of which City in Nigeria with best Bole recipe:


People doing bole in Lagos needs to come come to Port Harcourt for a 1-year internship.
Port Harcourt Bole is the bomb.

What would you do if this was you? Face with tears of joy face with tears of joy wait till the end.

How wicked are you Federal Executive Council Port Harcourt Bole Collabo Runtown Boluwatife Gomes Chief of Staff to President

Paul horozkope

Why not start your day with Port Harcourt bole Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes smiling face with heart-shaped eyes… You’ll surely enjoy it!!!!
If you have never tasted Port Harcourt Bole, then you no fit understand the extent God use bless Nigeria.

@ChidiebubeOkereYou see this right here?? E dey heal any sickness Loudly crying face??. My PH people can attest to this because we’ve all had a taste of this!
Twitter behold our Food King, PORT HARCOURT BOLE!

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