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Armed Banditry, Killing and Rape Takes Over Nothern Nigeria Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Many people are being killed and raped by armed bandits without help from the government as #SaveKatsinaNow and #PrayForKatsina trends for five days in a row on Twitter, the president was accused of negligence accompanied with inadequacies of its Government.

Nigerians are appealing to God to save people of katsina, and these are some of the reactions:

One of the greatest obstacle @GovernorMasari did was negotiating with terrorist which is a sign of weakness and profligacy we’re pleading the FG to hasten to intervene and siege this issue of Banditry.

Another Wrote:
Useless information

Bashir Ahmad


The government should come to our aide in this tragic situation because innocent people are dying, they are looting there our properties.

this is not what we vote for then please #SaveKatsinaNow

And I thought Buhari is from Katsina, but he can even sympathize nor save his own people Broken heartBroken heart

My Deen My SwagDizzy symbol

I don’t know when was that, but I’ve seen a picture with him and the terrorist ‘Reconciling’ now or whenever was that it is not a solution and won’t stop them from killing & raping them. It also fails in Zamfara. #PrayForKatsina #SaveKatsinaNow
Quote Tweet

Fulani kid Hundred points symbol

To be honest I’d blame the governor. What is he doing that he can’t attend to an emergency like that? #PrayForKatsina #Pray4katsina…
Nasir Ahmad

Well done
, I’ve managed to show Nigerians u ain’t nepotistic…. Too bad it’s at cost of our brothers lives #SaveKatsinaNow
احمد أبوبكر

Another Wrote:
Know that you’d account for even a mad man that’s killed unjustly, in the hereafter. Allah ba ya yafe hakkin want a kan wani
Meaning (God never forgives anyone against another}
do the right thing now and #SaveKatsinaNow
Jesse vybe

Replying to
Goodluck might cry and do nothing afterwards but this one will not even bother

And Finally:

We’re Demanding for an end to Banditry in Katsina State. People are being killed and no word of sympathy yet from

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