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Austrian Bundesliga League Leaders LASK In Fair Play Violation Scandal

Austrian Bundesliga leaders LASK are being accused of violating regulations and secretly holding full team training sessions.
The 11 other Bundesliga clubs have released a joint statement stating that requirements were “maliciously betrayed”.

The Austrian Bundesliga is reporting that Senate 1 proceedings have been initiated against current league leaders LASK for an alleged fair play violation.

“Contrary to the decision made by the Tipico Bundesliga clubs on 16/04/2020 (acceptance of training in small groups as soon as officially approved) the videos show footage from a regular team training session that reportedly took place only recently.”

“Today, several videos were passed onto the Austrian Football Bundesliga which shows a LASK training session.”

The other 11 clubs have responded with a joint statement condemning the alleged non-compliance with the regulations and accusing the Linz-based outfit of trying to gain a competitive advantage.

To add extra intrigue to the story, LASK reported intruders illegally installing video surveillance at their training ground on Wednesday:

The Board has instructed the responsible Senate 1 to initiate proceedings regarding a potential violation of the basic concept of fair play and has asked the club to comment, Based on this evidence.”

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