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Do women wax/shave their face?

Hair removal may be practised for cultural, hygiene, sexual, aesthetic, medical or religious reasons. Forms of hair removal have been practised in almost all human cultures since at least the Neolithic era. shaving is the most common method but other methods used to remove hair have varied in different times and regions.

A woman asked this question about this topic on Reddit.
And she wrote:

“Do women actually wax/shave their face?”
“Seeking Advice”
“My mom and dad told me I need to wax the hair under my sideburns because it’s ugly,
but nobody I know does that. As far as I know, none of my female classmates shaves their face, and also I don’t want to, because the last time they waxed my face I cried because it hurt so bad. So, is this a real thing?”

And below are some of the responses she got:


It’s your face. Don’t do anything to it that you don’t want to do.

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This. More than anything else.


In answer to your question, yes, it is a real thing for some ladies, shave/ threading the entire face is common in the Middle East and India. Or bleaching the hair on the face. Heck, my cousin waxed her stomach and back on the reg so she can wear saree confidently. I was shocked to find that out!! Dermaplaing also removes hair from the face. Having said that I agree with the other poster, just because some people do do it doesn’t mean you should do it. It’s a personal preference.

I shave my upper lip, as I get a little moustache if I don’t… do what makes you happy! It is N O R M A L for women to have hair on their faces, arms, body, legs. If it makes you feel more confident to remove the hair, do it, but don’t let your parents pressure you into doing it please!

Very True. People don’t understand that hair on your arms is normal. I thought it was a huge deal in middle school, but as I got over, I realized I don’t care and boys don’t care either.


I buy these little face shavers by a brand called Tinkle. They are cheap on Amazon. I use them on my upper lip, chin, and to get the “peach fuzz” off around my cheeks. It is a personal preference, and I know a ton of my friends don’t do anything in terms of shaving/waxing their faces.

Don’t feel pressured by your parents to do anything you don’t want to do! That was not nice of them to make that comment. I enjoy getting the little hairs off my face because I feel like my makeup applies better, and applying moisturizer feels better.


Yes! And your face feels so smooth after. It’s a great exfoliation technique too. I do the same as you.

OP: your parents are jerks for commenting on your appearance like that. If the hair doesn’t bother you, then leave it!

I agree with everyone else here! I like doing it so makeup and skincare products apply evenly and absorb better. There’s a noticeable difference with how it looks on my skin. I also use them to keep my eyebrows in check (thanks dad for Caterpillar eyebrows). They’re very useful to keep on hand, but as everyone said, don’t let someone else tell you what you should do to “be more beautiful.”

Yes to Tinkle razors. I use them for peach fuzz and moustache-y situations and they’re fantastic. I recommend using a little shaving cream to avoid irritation with them. But I will also say, only do this if YOU don’t like the hair on your face. That is all that matters. You’re beautiful hair or no hair and don’t let anyone except yourself have an opinion on that. I shave for two reasons only: 1. It makes makeup application smoother. 2. I don’t like how the hair on my face feels or looks.

I also love these! That said, if you’ve got sensitive skin you might find it a bit red after shaving, and keeping aloe on hand for after has helped me a lot.

how does it grow back/how often do you do this, if you don’t mind me asking? is this something that you have to keep up for a while once you start?

I will touch up my upper lip and chin probably once or twice a week (or whenever I notice new hairs growing). I haven’t personally noticed the hair growing back darker/thicker or faster since I’ve started doing it! I’ve used several methods of hair removal in the past – waxing, Nair, etc – and this one works best for me because it’s painless and takes the least amount of time and effort. It is also extremely satisfying to see all the peach fuzz that accumulates!

Some people will use the razors on a damp face and use a little bit of shaving cream or soap. I’ve always just done it on a dry face, but occasionally I will get very tiny cuts if I work too quickly and use a new razor.

There are lots of YouTube videos on this. Jaclyn Hill has a good one (and she uses the same kind of razors!).

I second the Jaclyn Hill videos! Her tutorial is very informative and useful!!!


Yes, it is a real thing, however, I don’t think it’s as common as your parents have led you to believe. People can wax and shave as much or as little as they please 🙂 If you don’t want to remove the hair then please don’t!

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Peach fuzz is normal. Some do remove it, some don’t. For some removing the hair from the face helps with easier makeup application or they just prefer it that way.

I don’t shave anything except the part over my lip since the hair there is dark.

Also, that’s a really rude thing to say to your parents. :/


Having legit hair, not just peach fuzz, is also entirely normal for women in certain areas of the face. The upper lip and the side jaw are very often hairy – as in hair not unlike sideburns, except much sparser.

Certain ethnicities tend to get more noticeable facial hair growth than others (these same ethnicities are also where threading/shaving your face is the most normalized) so there’s a huge range of what’s normal.

I suspect OP’s family is probably an ethnicity where it’s a super common practice and so in their eyes, it was more like when your 12 and your parents are like “oh hey, you should start wearing deodorant” and less in the intentionally body-shaming way of like a parent being like “hey, you’re putting on a little weight.” It’s still not something teenage girls should get shamed and pressured on. But it’s part of a parents job to teach their kids personal grooming as they start puberty. So I can see how it’s tricky.

My mom has me a similar FYI about my armpits where she taught me the cultural norms of shaving. But within a couple of years, I sometimes got really lazy about shaving. She never said anything about my body hair, which makes me think she only pointed it out when I was younger so that I would be aware of what the norms were (whether or not I chose to follow them).

Excessive hair growth is very often the symptom that leads to doctors suspecting a woman might have a hormone issue like PCOS. So if you do remove all the hair in your hairy areas, then you have to pay much more attention to your body to catch possible signs that something might be wrong.

Yes, I have and I have the symptom of excessive hair growth. I choose to shave my cheeks, upper lip, chin and below my chin. I’ve tried waxing my face and it’s painful. I’ve tried hair removal cream but even the ones for sensitive skin burn my face. Shaving 1-2x a week is so much easier. I shave my arms as well.


I shave my mush but that’s only because threading there would be too painful. Other than that I only tweeze my eyebrows. I know some people bleach the hair on their face. Waxing face hair doesn’t sound like a good idea to me personally because face skin is so sensitive. I don’t know how common that is

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