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Grow Your Natural Lashes Thick And Fast!!! Scam Or Not?

Grow your natural lashes thick and fast? Scam or not?
I have short lashes and recently I have seen some ads on lash growing serums online (the internet is stalking me lol) but I feel like the results they promise are unrealistic, and likely to be a scam, so I asked around on natural ways to grow your lashes.

I have heard a lot of mixed advice on this. Some advice:
Vaseline, others advice extra virgin olive oil and some advice almond oil. I am currently trying olive oil, but I have not been consistent long enough to tell if I’m getting any results. Has anyone tried this? Am I wasting my time? Perhaps I should just get lash extensions, but I am worried those will make my natural lashes fall out… does anyone have any experience with this?

Some interesting responses to the above question are below:

Things like Latisse can actually work but have possible side effects, and stop working when you stop using. While moisturizing or conditioning lashes can keep them healthy, it won’t make them thicker or grow longer.

I have been using a lash growth serum (Revitalash) for two years now and it really works. My eyelashes don’t fall as easier and they grow longer. It doesn’t make your
eyelashes thicker in my experience, just longer.

I did not experience any side effects.

$46 for one, but for me, it lasted for an entire year so I’d say it’s affordable.

If you are in the US, can you share where you get it? I love it and get it from
Dermstore, but they screw up my order every time, and customer service is seriously

I had eyelash extensions for a couple of months but had to stop as I developed an allergic reaction. Sadly, I lost a lot of my eyelashes but I bought Eye Envy lash serum and they grew back pretty fast and they’re pretty long and also soft now after using for 2 months!! It cost me about AUD 75 and works for me 🙂

I have read that people have found that The Ordinary Buffet promotes eyelash growth but I haven’t tried it. It’s fairly inexpensive and is a good skin product as well.
Castor oil is also supposed to help. None of these will give you very noticeable

I was getting eyelash extensions before shutdown and they have now all fallen out but I don’t notice that my natural eyelashes are less than prior. For eyelash extensions you never want to pull them out, you want them to fall out naturally so you don’t lose your own natural lashes. Extensions aren’t a good fit for someone who does facial steaming or hot yoga as those things will make the lashes fall out.
I didn’t find caring for them too difficult though.

Very helpful, thank you!!

Yup definitely try castor oil and apply using a clean mascara wand. Not so much.
A little at a time so that it won’t go into your eyes.

One thing that saved my life was making a mixture of 1/2 bottle castor oil, then 1/4 coconut oil and the other 1/4 aloe vera and to mix it all together.
Then apply every night with a spoolie.
This helped me numerous times, especially when I once tried DIY lash extensions and all my lashes broke in half when I tried to remove them. Literally, in a week or two, my lashes were back to being long and healthy! I wouldn’t waste my money on expensive serums, whose main ingredient is probably castor oil, to begin with
This mixture also works wonders on brows!!!!
Hope this helps! Good luck!

Thank you!!! Someone said you shouldn’t try to remove lash extensions yourself to avoid damaging your natural lashes and you have to let them fall off or get them removed where you got them done. In case you want to try them again in the future.

science nerd
Castor oil helps promote growth, I use it generally when I have a gap in my eyebrows or just to condition my lashes a little. For more length, you need to use a lash serum, I don’t know the science behind it but I think they make the growth cycle of the lashes last longer. A lot of times they also darken the lashes. You might have to try a few before you find one you’re happy with though as a lot of them has different ingredients. As for thicker lashes, I heard taking Biotin can help with that, which I haven’t tried yet though and taking Biotin can cause acne so be aware of that. I also don’t think there is anything that will make your hair grow quicker.

Careprost worked wonders for me I had hardly any after 5 years solid of extensions!


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