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Is There A Reason Hairdressers Encourage Getting A Blow Dry Or Is It Just For The Extra Money?

Do hairdressers really need to blow dry my hair after a cut? Usually, when I get a haircut I’m just going to go straight home so I don’t care about having that fresh blowout look. Is there a reason hairdressers encourage getting a blow-dry or is it just for the extra money?

The above question was asked by a user on Reddit and some responses that followed it are interesting and I thought my readers should see:

My favourite is a piece of exhaustive advice from time_to_go_inward, and other relevant ones

Hairstylist here! When I am cutting someone’s hair, there are parts of the haircut
that I know I am going to need to do while the hair is wet, and there are other
things that need to be done to finish the haircut after it is dry. Hair
acts completely different after it has been blown dry and styled. After drying
the hair, I look to see if everything is symmetrical, I take any bulkiness and
weight out of the hair if it needs it, I perfect the layering, and if someone has
bangs I only cut those after drying because if cut wet they might come out too short.
I call all of this the “refining” part of the haircut, making it all come together perfectly. It is important, and always worth it. There are some occasions that the
refining part is not necessary, but most women’s haircut, and a lot of men’s haircuts,
need this part, and I always explain to my clients why it is important.
It’s not fixing mistakes, it’s finishing the cut, and included in the price of the haircut. I also really enjoy the blow-dry styling part and a lot of my clients
like to see how I style their hair so they can try to replicate it at home.

That being said, sometimes my clients just need a very basic cut, like just trimming off the ends. We have an option at my salon to do a haircut with no blow dry at a lower price. I only do this on clients that I’ve seen more than once so I am familiar with their hair already. I happily do the haircut with no
blow-dry, because it takes half the time and way less physical effort.
I just wanted to explain the reasoning behind why the blow-dry can be very important to the finished product.

I thought it was to see how the cut looked dry and to fix potential errors they

My hairdresser will fix any areas they feel don’t look quite right.

Cosmetology student here: this is it. Yeah some hairdressers might try to just
make more money but most of the time it’s to check the cut.
Especially 0 degree/ blunt cuts.

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Mine usually cuts my hair when after it has been washed, dried and straightened.
I like it because I can see exactly how my hair will look every day before I leave her chair

It depends. Usually, they do it to make sure that the cut looks good. If you wear your hair natural (no heat for ex) then you’re better off asking for it to be dried naturally. You can also ask for a dry cut, depending on what you want, and this is often done for curly hair if you like to wear it curly.

Agreed – my hairdresser will either blow dry my hair halfway or not at all but that’s only bc I usually get the same cut every time or something similar


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