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I Have Tried Many Brands And Spent Much Money My Body Still St**ks

Natural deodorants? About to give up!
I have tried so many brands and spent so much money on disappointments. My main issues are BO & sweating after a few hours. Here is a list:

Native: smells so good but I stink & sweat after 2 hours!

Crystal: had high hopes…worst decision ever. Smelled by BO within a few hours and sweat.

Toms: this is what I currently am using just because it glides easily, but tbh, I hate the essential oil-strong smell. And I smell like BO a few hours later.

Underarmed- same issues as above. And I think this one caused a rash as well

Freedom- this one smelled sooo good and seemed like it was working okay. But then had a HUGE rash a couple days later. Had to stop!

Alvera roll on- this was easy to apply but also ended up stinking after a few hours

My sister has tried Kopari and told me it gave her a rash so I’m assuming the same would happen to me.

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I don’t want to go back to aluminium but I’m sick of st**king all the time!

Have you tried meow meow tweet? You can check their availability at some Target stores.

I have seen this posted many times, but every time I try to get it at target they don’t have any! Some reviews aren’t good though so I’m sceptical about it. But maybe I’ll have to try it!

Romeo and Julietta
You could try glycolic acid! For example the glycolic acid toner from the Ordinary, you get a LOT out of this bottle, even with daily use!

I’d recommend looking it up, it works great for me 🙂

Interesting, I’ve never heard of using that before. Does it help both smell & sweat?

Romeo and Julietta
You still sweat since it is not an antitranspirant but it helps with the smell a lot! I don’t smell all day long if I use, plus the acid is great for your skin as well!

Personally, I don’t use deodorant because it irritates my skin. I do lotion and perfume and it’s really changed my life. I also shower every day and do roll-on oils. I would recommend dropping the deodorant all together! Good luck!

Unfortunately, I think I’d be smelling like a big old ball of BO if I did that due to my genetics! I tried going days without anything and it wasn’t pretty (even after detoxing from regular deodorants).

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