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Dead Man’s Chest (2006) deserves to be recognised as THE gold-standard for visual effects for Graphics

More than a decade later; and it still champions the majority of movies releasing. A prime example of how a studio swung big and made bold choices without compromising the craft of the art.

I was dead-convinced Davy Jones was real – like genuinely real-real. I could have sworn it was some sort of combination between animatronics/makeup and masks, but the fact that his character is 100% completely computer-generated speaks volumes to the incredible craftsmanship of the animators and artists who worked on these films. Bill Nighy’s performance is amazing too.

Truly groundbreaking in all his tentacle porn glory.

I will always love the designs of Davy Jones and his crew, and just think it insane that Jones managed to look so good, and holds up to this day.

You compare him to other prominent CGI characters in recent years, like Azog and other orcs in The Hobbit, or Steppenwolf in Justice League, and Jones is still miles ahead in terms of texture, lighting and detail.

I also love the uniqueness of the Dutchman crew, anytime I rewatch Dead Man’s Chest, or At World’s End, I try and see if I can spot a crew member whose features I’ve not noticed before.

Davy Jones alone is an achievement in technical cinema. His character design is flawless.

I have yet to see the likes of him represented in the same way – while a
couple films come close; the VFX in Dead Man’s Chest has proven to be timeless.

There is not one point in the film where my suspension of disbelief was compromised.

And props to Bill Nighy for his performance, since you forget that on set he likely had no, or very little, idea as to what his character would finally look like.


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