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Barca Fans Opinion: Suarez, Coutinho and Dembele Should Stay. The Club Has Left Long-term Planing For Short Time Solutions.

This club has become extremely impatience and wanna sell half of the club every summer. So with our board, they are desperate and this has just grown and grown after Neymar left.

“The club has left long-term planing for short time solutions”- Barcelona fans.

Now there’s talk about Pjanic. Once more wild solutions.

Luis Suarez – Contract expires next season, t is been said he might stay until 2022 if he is fit.
So there is no money to get from selling him so just get rid of that idea.

He works extremely well with Messi and Messi also benefits from Suarez because Suarez pulls attention to himself and is a distraction for centre backs which leaves more room for Messi.

Griezmann is just another example of a thoughtless solution by both the board. It’s should already be a deal off when he did his whole social media clown thing and said he was going to stay at Atletico. Yet we went for him next season.

Which was mainly bought because Coutinho and Dembele were “underwhelming” and Valverde wanted a defensive-minded attacker. When we needed was a striker or an actual winger.

Coutinho – Contracted until 2023 and still 27, he was bought to replace Iniesta.

Valverde misused him and he had to fight for a place in contention with Dembele which surely started to affect his performance.

People say that we cant use him in the midfield which is wrong. Our midfield is lacking creativity, a player that can play key passes, be a threat offensively and dribble past opposition defence.

Just look-up every game Coutinho, Messi, Suarez and Dembele played from the start. Great results and almost no losses. Same with Neymar, Iniesta, Messi and Suarez.

Dembele – The player “everyone” wants to sell every time he gets injured or simply just lose the ball.

A player that when he’s fit is so enjoyable to watch that you can even hear the Camp Nou excitement because he truly has so much talent in him
He’s turning 23 tomorrow, that means he has 10 more years at the top level to grow or to get rid of his injury problems.

Now I’m not saying he should get 10 years of patience her. I’d argue that we would get the same this season as we would if we were to sell him in 2-3 years.

I’m sure they will be willing to pay 50+ for him).
In other words, I want him to get a contract extension of 2 years.

You may think that’s the worst idea you ever heard giving an injury-prone player a contract extension, but selling Dembele for 60 mill euros now or so is “nothing” if you consider the value and potential. Because if he were to go to another club and rise again. Then he’s back up at 100+ mill.

I think with our current offensive lineup, we can afford to wait. That means that we don’t rush him back at all.

If he doesn’t, then he’s free to go and we’ll just have to accept the loss. It’s part of the risk paying so much for a person.

Which is why we never should do it again. In 2022 Neymar and Mbappe contract is also done. It’s probably
unlikely, but still a chance.

Likely a higher chance if Messi resigns in 2022 because the board would be more eager to sign a superstar to replace him (unless there is someone else by then which is bigger). For that transition to go smoothly.

Barcelona cant get rid of Dembele and Coutinho. This club can’t replace Messi, Suarez, Dembele and Coutinho in 2-3 years.

We already spent so much on attackers and it has started to take an effect on the quality of the rest of the team. Players like Pique, Busquets, Vidal, Rakitic, Alba, Sergi Roberto are likely to be gone in 2-3 years also.

Not to mention whoever backup player we have might not be good enough or eager to stay here any longer.

We got the quality and we got the depth in attack now. Some will argue that we have too many, but with Suarez, Dembele injury.

Maybe we for once don’t have to go out and loan/buy a striker halfway in the season or completely fall apart if Messi rest.

If you do have a bit more offensive power you compensate with less attacking force/runs on other places.

This means that we could play with de Jong and Busquets as CDM, with de Jong obviously having the more “attacking” role.

I’d like de Jong to be a solo CDM and someone else beside him which is also great at defending but also great CM.

This is because Busquets has fallen. People on this sub get crazy whenever I or someone else mention that. I’m not saying he should get sold, I’m just saying that he shouldn’t be a regular starter. But only if we would find a CM which can play alongside/in front of De Jong.

De Jong is misused as a CM. If de Jong were to given a place as a CDM with midfielders which moves faster than a tank ship around him he will become the player we bought.

Another place we can compensate for using a bit more offensive is our RB. Semedo/Roberto can be a bit more defensive because Alba is still the best out of those 3 offensively.

Almost like a third centre back, but will now and then go on a run to support our right-wing.

Which I think Semedo does the best but Roberto is the better possession player. If Roberto is going to play then we need someone like Dembele or Trincao as a right-winger 100%.

I’d still pick Semedo even when we use a right-winger like Dembele or Trincao because Semedo has shown that he plays amazing when he can link up with a winger when he played with Dembele and Malcolm.

If there is a wing position which should be left open, its the left side because of Alba and Messi link up.

When the right side is left open and we use Roberto. Roberto got neither the skill or the pace to challenge someone, that’s the worst because our attacks become left-mid sided which then again means our attacks becomes more predictable.

We have to attack both sides and stretch the other team to create space.

Trying to explain my view as I don’t like the direction the club is going. Because whatever we do now and the next 2 years can determine what happened this decade.

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