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Chelsea Squad Could Return To Training Next Week- Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard’s Chelsea squad could return to full training next week. The Blues coach says he will look out for his players’ welfare if they do return Some top-flight players are said to be scared of returning to health concerns

Lampard says he wants to keep the club’s out-of-contract stars past June 30

Talks are proceeding to take place regarding the resumption of the Premier League amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with health and safety supreme to any proposals.

And Lampard, who says that the Blues are on course to return to training following week, is looking forward to the 2019-20 season resuming again and maintains he will be keeping an eye on his players’ welfare during the new few weeks.

The 41-year-old told Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp: ‘I think the important portion of my work at the time is a lot of compassion with the players.

‘You can’t just say, “lads, we’re going this way”, because this is a situation none of us has known.

‘This is something that has touched everyone and their families’-Chelsea boss.

Frank Lampard backs players faltering Premier League return due to coronavirus health and safety concerns

‘This is not a players’ strike, it’s not a player not wanting to train or a player arguing with another player, this is something that has affected everyone and their families.’

Despite the clear matters in place, Lampard admitted his players want to return to training as soon as practicable and praised the reasoning of his playing team.

He added: ‘My lads, I know – and I’m sure all managers will speak in the same way – they’re good lads. Their intentions and their feelings for their families are good.

‘They want to get here and work. They can’t wait to get back and play football.’

Attacking alternatives such as Pedro, Willian, and Olivier Giroud with back-up goalkeeper Willy Caballero are all out of a deal at Stamford Bridge which is another concern for Frank Lampard side this summer.

Lampard said he wants to retain all of the out-of-contract players onboard until at least the conclusion of the period but confessed he did not know whether this would be possible.

‘Of course, they’ll be concerned regarding themselves, in terms of how training is now is and if the pre-season is a rush they’re going to have to make sure they’re alright.

‘The ones who are out of engagement here have been great helpers for the club, and have a lot of affection for the club.

‘So it’s going to have to be something we have to look at, hopefully, we can make that arrangement can be made so they can stay with us.

“I would love the squad to look as it has all season, but we’ll have to see how that works”-He ended


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