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Seeking Advice: How Do I Find Motivation To Take Care Of My Looks, Body And Wardrobe During This Dreadful Time?

I know most people would say do it for yourself, but I just can’t seem to do it without a purpose/goal ( going out, dating etc..) even though I still have to go to work I’m always frumpy and downright apathetic.

It’s not right to halt my well-being on external validation that won’t be happening anytime soon but I can’t get over it and treat myself the way it deserves.

How do you find the motivation to take care of your looks, bodies and wardrobe during these dreadful time?

Well, in all honesty, you don’t have to force yourself to do anything if you don’t feel like it. Cherish and be comfortable in not having to look dolled up all the time. If you’re clean, then basically you’re good to go.

But on the other hand, if you have a lot of free time at home then you can use it to do the thing that will make you look bomb when it’s all gone and you will go out already. Do an oil treatment for your hair, sit with this facemasks, do things that take time but give you more longlasting effects.

you don’t have to

Exactly. We need to either do things as self-care because they make us feel good OR make a conscious choice that we’re not going to do them and stop beating ourselves up over it.

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Don’t let other people pressure you into being overly productive. Some people are treating this as a race of “who can get the most done” or “who can glow up the most”. And you know what? If that’s what they need to cope, then good for them for finding an outlet.

But we don’t have to compete. We don’t even have to keep up. We don’t have to look good for social media (or anyone for that matter).

Does putting your makeup on in the morning make you feel better throughout the day? If yes, do it. It no, don’t.

I needed a goal to get me through this seemingly aimless time, as I became unemployed.

My goal right now is to “glow up” coming out of this because I’ve never had time to take care of myself (or so I thought). Seeing progress makes me happy- I lost 7 lbs by eating healthy, I cleared up my acne, I grew out my nails, I quit smoking and I reduced my drinking. This is different to me than the quick solution of slapping on makeup.

After seeing that effort gets results, I’ve started to wake up earlier, clean, organize my home (I am very disorganized/messy). Now I feel more functional to tackle bigger life goals.

I used to be a mess. I still am lol. But at least I’ve developed some better habits. I’ve never had a good habit before.
I would say to start slow if you feel like doing anything. Just something small every day for yourself.

Wow!! Any tips? (For any of those lol)

I’m wearing cute sweatpants. I’m not doing makeup or blowing out my hair. Instead, I’m focussing on hygiene and my skin.

I enjoy the process of putting on makeup, especially when I have something new to try (And I’ve probably had a few too many new products showing up at my door lately). I figure if I don’t have a whole lot of other things to do, I might as well do something I think is fun.

I’ve been doing 3 exercises a day every day, try to hit different body parts and it helps me feel good and break up the day. I just do it while watching tv. I also still do my skincare routine like normal, if you don’t want to then that’s fine but my acne irritates me regardless

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I dislike that my motivation got up and went. I see lots of inspiring looks posted but feel so empty and rather joyless I just do not care. This is symptomatic of depression I am told. It makes sense. All interest in clothes, perfume, jewellery, cosmetics, skincare, fitness…evaporated. All interest in everything, even reading, evaporated. I can force a little if I find a good series or film, which requires almost no brain.

I can feel a little joy if the weather lends itself to a long walk in the woods or by a lake w my dog but I Barsky recognize myself and not just because I am a drab version of myself to the eye. There’s no me inside either. I hope I went walkabout without notice and am hibernating versus gone for good.

BTW, I’m upvoting all of you all the time because I appreciate you posting your creativity. Shows me the world isn’t dying, just a whole lot of people and faith in many of the humans running our institutions.

Keep it up. As they say, this too shall pass and those of you who maintain any kind of self-care will be in better shape when you emerge.

You aren’t gone for good. That’s how I feel when I get depressed. As cliche as it sounds, forcing myself to move a little every day (even just a walk around the block) helps me. If I can force myself to do a hard workout it makes my body produce a bunch of endorphins so I feel better.

Talking on the phone to my mom or a friend also helps lift me. Listening to upbeat music. But to be honest, what helped the most was starting Wellbutrin.

Either way, this is a hard time. Be gentle with yourself. This really will pass.

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