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“Whoever Told My Mom About Jeff Bezos Is mad”, Now She Wants Me To Go Bald- Nigerian Man

A young man with user name @jayythedope and BrezzIsLife took to his twitter handle, the WhatsApp messages she exchanged with his mother about his mum advising him to cut his hair or look like Jeff-Bezos rather.

He wrote: “Whoever told my mom about Jeff Bezos is madd”, and shared this screen shots:

Below are some funny replies he got:


Replying to
“And you don’t like how he looks” – Mum
“He looks okay” – Son
“And you don’t want to look OK? – Mum


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• General Zee Performing arts •

Chemical Sister
Replying to
Your mama don tell you be that..

If you like, dey carry hair wey be like yahoo yahoo boys

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That’s why you’re short dear
She’s not short she’s just closer to the floor

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be like me and go, bald bro,

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Imagine what she will do if she sees ur username on this App

She would be like ” Yes, I knew from the beginning that you’re derailing from the
path of righteousness” Naija mamas them.
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Assistant influencer

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Just show ur mum this guy…Manuel Pardo, the serial killer….that should do the trick



Replying to
That’s how my big bro was having sleepless night bcos of my niece’s tinted hair he saw via Video call.
Remi has vowed to go back to school from my house no matter how long the holiday woman gesturing okWoman gesturing okWoman gesturing ok


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Cut hair go bald u won’t
Just abisola

Replying to
You too cut your hair

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