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Rainbow liner and lashes

Following the trend on the autumn 2018 catwalks to use vibrant pomade for eyeshadow and eyeliner, we’ve moved on to the make-up artists on Instagram, who are now using this new product for other purposes.

Hang on and I will tell you about the procedure and all the products I used.
As you can see above, I like to take my lids off with a thin brush and mix them with my shadows.
I coat my spooky brush with pomade before rolling it onto the surface and with a wide brush, I coat it with a single layer to achieve a full rainbow effect. If you use a small brush, you can wipe with a brush on a clean wash of any colour or use it with a wider brush. You can also swirl the brush around the colours to get a prismatic look.

Bra Cosmetics Glitter Eyeliner Synergy is a glittery liner with a holographic rainbow effect, available in a wide range of colours and sizes.
Apply a white cream eyeshadow with a small brush as the base colour to the lower lash line and apply it from the inner corner like a liner. Apply the shade to comfortably remember all the colours of the rainbow.

pply a white cream eyeshadow with a small brush as the base colour to the lower lash line and apply it from the inner corner like a liner.

Lash booster complexes applied to the base of the lashes are most effective in improving the appearance of the lashes. Apply a coat or two to the upper and lower lashes and take a small amount of liquid eyeliner and some mascara for the lower lashline. It improves the appearance of your lashes by defining a liquid eyeliner.
The colour yield is great, it is easy to use and control, and it does not irritate extremely sensitive or allergic – susceptible eyes. Here is a highly pigmented formula of 15 eyeliner with a soft shape that is excellent for the waterline, firming, regular eyeliner or for sensitive eyes!

The vegan beauty of KVD now combines the advantages of iconic eyeliner art with easy-to-use pencils. This pencil sharpener has a stainless steel blade that shapes your make-up pencil to the perfect tip every time. After a night of taking it, we reached the top – tested at the top of our list of the best vegan make-up products in the world.

If there’s anyone in the world who can speak to the beauty of eyeliner, it’s celebrity makeup artists. You know what you’re getting – celebrity make-up looks from Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Moss and Kate Winslet. If there is anyone on this list, if not the most famous makeup artist in the world, then certainly the person with the best eye make-up skills, or at least someone with an eye for beauty.

Born out of the relentless pursuit of product perfection, our mission is to create high-performance vegan make-up so that everyone can make compassionate choices without sacrificing bold, beautiful colours and eternal comfort.
I wear my favourite waterproof mascara because my eyelashes are super straight And it’s the only product that keeps them from curling up, “Sironen says.

I also trample the roots of my whip with this concoction with an angled brush, and I mix the ones called for – for shades with spooky tones that are applied to the lashes to create a bespoke orange hue.
Products used: Liner:

MAC Chromalines in Primary Yellow, Genuine Orange, Basic Red, Rich Purple, Marine Ultra, Landscape Green. (Some of them are not recommended for use in the eye area) Mascaras:

Yellow, Red, Blue and Green mascaras. All are MAC and very old 😅 Top lashes looked a lot more defined in real life, but this picture doesn’t show it 🤷‍♀️ Brows:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Taupe Perfect Brow Pencil, Taupe Brow Wiz, Clear Brow Gel


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