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A Journalist Has Been Confined For 12 Days Now Purportedly For Condemning Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information And Culture

The Cable reports: Rotimi Jolayemi, an independent Journalist, has been confined for 12 days now purportedly on the request for Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture,

Columnist supposedly confined for condemning Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, in a viral Whatsapp sound in picture below:

Columnist supposedly confined for condemning Minister of Information and Culture,

Writer purportedly kept for reprimanding Minister of Information and Culture,
Lai Mohammed, in a viral Whatsapp sound Jolayemi, known as Oba Akewi, is the bad habit administrator Freelance and Independent Radio Broadcasters Association of Nigeria (FIBAN), Osun state section.

Olu Olugbade, the FIBAN director who affirmed the turn of events, said Jolayemihad recorded eight-minute sound reprimanding the pastor and discharged by means of WhatsApp.

“The sound began turning into a web sensation, and days after, his better half and siblings were followed in Kwara where they lived and were kept by the police,” Olugbade said.

“We were then advised the clergyman had tuned in to the sound and labeled it loathe discourse.

Friend Jolayemi later appeared at the police home office in Ilorin and submitted himself for examination. He was then moved to Abuja and since we’ve not been permitted access to him.

Each time we went there with our legal counselors, they would turn us back. We asked that, is he is charged yet the police say they don’t have anything to use against him yet.” he said

Olugbade said his association has put forth an attempt in engaging the priest yet its intrigue failed to attract anyone’s attention. He said Jolayemi is a reputable resident and would not embark to hurt the pastor. He additionally raised worries over the wellbeing state of the confined telecaster.

“Jolayemi’s wellbeing can’t adapt to this sort of detainment and I’m apprehensive if he’s most certainly not liberated on schedule, things may deteriorate,” he said.

Osagie Obayuwana, leader of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CDHR),

in an announcement, censured the confinement of Jolayemi’s relatives, saying it is a infringement of area 7 of the organization of the criminal equity act, which denies prisoner taking and the capture of any individual instead of another.

“It is troubling that Alhaji Lai Mohammed would take part in the capture of the spouse of Mr Jolayemi, Mrs Dorcas Jolayemi, and two of his siblings who were kept in confinement for eight days, nine days and two days separately as prisoners, while the writer, Mr Rotimi Jolayemi, was being looked for,” the announcement read.

“Moreover, that even since Mr Jolayemi gave up himself to the policehome office at Ilorin, Kwara state on May 6, 2020, he is as yet being held till date, after 12 days, without being charged to court or allowed bail.

“The proceeded with confinement of Mr Jolayemi by the police and at the occasion of Alhaji Lai Mohammed is equivalent to rebuffing a resident for the declaration of his supposition; this isn’t legitimate in our Nigeria of today.

As the mouthpiece of the General Buhari Govemment and Minister of Information and Culture, one would have felt that Alhaji Mohammed would buy in to the vote based principle of allowing various plans to ideas; besides, that the way of life of free articulation of all shades of feeling is one that the Hon. Priest would hold dear. Taking care of business of letters himself, one would have likewise expected that the Hon.

Minister would respond recorded as a hard copy to the substance of Mr Jolayemi’s sonnet.”

Peruse the full Statement beneath:

CDHR said it is surprising that the minister would want to be remembered for being associated with a culture of repression. Demanding the immediate release of Jolayemi, CDHR also said a public apology must be made to him, his wife and his brothers, and payment of compensation to all four of them.

The Minister didn’t return calls put to his telephone line and was at this point to react to a message looking for his response. Plain Mba, police representative, didn’t likewise react to message looking for response on the issue.

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