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Minister Dies Of COVID-19 After Claiming He Could Heal The Disease

In the wake of guaranteeing he could mend anybody who contracted coronavirus, famous Cameroonian Church minister, Frankline Ndifor, has died from the infection.

Franklin Ndifor was likewise a presidential competitor in the nation’s I2018’s the presidential political decision had laid hands and appealed to God for the mending of some Coronavirus patients who turned up at the premises of his Kingship International Ministries Church.

As indicated by Dr Gaelle Nnanga, the died under 10 minutes in the wake of getting treatment, however he started demonstrating side effects for not exactly seven days before treatment.

Soon after Pastor Frankline Ndifor died, his supporters obstructed the passageway to his home in the capital city of Douala for eight hours, as police must be conveyed in order to permit his body to be covered.

His supporters asserted the minister was on an otherworldly retreat with God so couldn’t be covered. They apparently sang and appealed to God for his revival all through a weekend ago.

Anyway after security agents got access into the late Pastor’s loft, his carcass was recovered and covered before his home by authorities of Cameroon’s COVID-19 reaction group.

One of the late Pastor’s adherents, Rigobert Che said;

“This is a minister that has been laying hands [on the sick] and asserting that he fixes COVID-19.

“In the event that you, the individual that asserts that you are relieving COVID-19, you are dead, shouldn’t something be said about the individual individuals that were infected by the COVID-19? Since he is dead, I don’t have the foggiest idea how the individuals that he was laying hands on will be mended.”

Wellbeing authorities are currently asking each one of the individuals who interacted with the minister to answer to emergency clinics to be tested for COVID-19.

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