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Ondo State Court Probes Muslim Cleric For Wanting To Marry A 16-Year Old Girl.

The young girl fled their home to Akure upon the arrival of the wedding with the assistance of her sibling.

Reports express that the Cleric moved toward the guardians of the young lady when she was 15 for marriage. The young lady’s parents constrained her to acknowledge the proposition, and a day was fixed for the wedding.

An Ondo State Judge by name Justice Aderemi Adegoroye of an Akure Family court halted a Muslim priest, Alhaji Yusuf Lateef, from taking a 16-year-old young lady as his ninth spouse.

She quickly went to the state’s Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development to report her folks. The Ministry protected her and lawful works started to stop the marriage. Alhaji Lateef and the young lady’s folks were summoned at the Family Court for breaking Section three of the 2007 Ondo State Child Rights Law.

The issue was summoned in court and it was inferred that the young lady must be come back to her folks, and Alhaji Lateef is made to sign an endeavor to avoid her and to guarantee no mischief goes to her.

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