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Design: Great Leggings For Thick Thighs?

Hello everybody, so I have thick thighs and that implies that my tights consistently get openings within my thighs very quick!! does anybody know about a decent brand of stockings that won’t wear off quick? much obliged!



Love Aerie! Much appreciated!


Have you attempted lululemon? In all the tights I’ve claimed, no brand has drawing close to Lululemon’s quality. My thighs rub together and I’ve never had an issue.


I haven’t attempted them however I will! Much appreciated!


So I have a similar issue and I’ve had a couple from Victoria mystery for I consider 5 years now and they are a few seconds ago beginning to give indications of wear (and I wash stockings in heated water) they are the sort with the band at the top (mines like cheetah print and I don’t recollect different ones). It’s genuine like thick (ish) material and it simply doesn’t break.


Amazing great to know!


Pink stockings have worked so well for me. I have thick thighs that affection to demolish everything. Pink stockings have held up pleasantly.


Great much appreciated! It’s disappointing to such an extent that every one of my jeans get gaps in the thighs 🙄🙄


Same. I need to supplant pants regularly. I’ve seen individuals get their pants fixed so I may check out that.


My tights once totally tore open at my sweethearts place it was so humiliating I need like military evaluation thigh support lol


NASA needs to jump on that. We need an answer.


Okay, I am prepared for this inquiry cause Ya young lady is thick.

Two unique sorts of stockings: Leisure – found these Tesla ones on Amazon that I wear actually every workday in my dynamic standing/strolling work. I can wear a couple of them three days per week and wash them week by week and they will most recent a year. In like manner, the string at the creases will go before I wear through the texture. For the most part, I wear these underneath dresses but on the other hand, they’re useful for wearing alone.

Activewear: tune in, I run three days per week, three miles at a split. I’m a major lady. I’m supplanting my stockings somewhere around consistently and a half which IS OK. So I search for stockings that are strong and can hold up yet not very costly. Old Navy is the main spot I’ve discovered that meets that prerequisite. Thus I have a moving gathering that I supplant at whatever point the gaps start.


Ahh, thanks to such an extent!!! I’ll certainly investigate those!


I’m thick and wear through my jeans/tights. These are the ones I truly like:

Athleta has extremely decent stockings however they’re pricy except if they’re on leeway. I have a couple and wear them a great deal and they haven’t worn through.

Old Navy has shockingly pleasant stockings at the cost. I just purchased a couple of Capri length and the quality is so decent. They have great deals regularly.

Good notice is Fabletics. They’re all around made, however, it’s anything but difficult to get hoodwinked into membership and I found that they run truly long on me yet I’m short.


Wonderful much obliged!! Appears as though old naval force is a decent lead


Lulu lemon is costly however they truly hold up for quite a while. Also, their strategies let you supplant your jeans in the event that they wind up getting tore or torn. I don’t know the arrangement despite everything holds up on the grounds that many individuals exploit it yet they are the best brand for stockings as I would see it. The Align line is the best for easygoing wear, where they don’t appear as though they’re working out stockings however simply broad tights. I prescribe at any rate getting one set to perceive how you like them

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