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Looking for Advice: I’m searching for a sunscreen face shower to use over cosmetics

Any proposals? Any surveys for Ulta SPF setting splash or Australian Gold constant shower sunscreen. I’ve been appearing to be identical.


Seeing as nobody had relief with any audits or suggestions yet, I figured I would impart my experience to aerosol SPF for the face.

I have attempted one from Garnier and one from Vichy. Both SPF 50 and aerosol. Despite everything utilize the one from Garnier (the less expensive choice). The one from Vichy I got the opportunity to test on a cruising trip in the mid-year in a South European nation, so I would state I got the chance to test it appropriately. Neither I nor my companions (paying little mind to their level of existing tan) copied with the shower, so my experience is that the one from Vichy surely has legitimate insurance. I have never ignited with the one from Garnier either. I would reapply every 2-3 hour.

I shower for a least a few seconds, presumably more.

the texture the equivalent for the two. It is difficult to clarify as it isn’t oily or saturating, increasingly “dry” feeling. I have dry skin and the surface didn’t trouble me, and it left no obvious buildup on me.

The smell of the two is terrible, yet doesn’t remain as an extremely solid aroma. Vichy was very “perfumy” blended in with synthetic compounds, and the Garnier smelled concoction. Once more, didn’t generally trouble me, yet if you a delicate to smell it will an interesting point.

At the point when I have utilized it over cosmetics it didn’t trouble the cosmetics by any stretch of the imagination, however, neither did it draw out the wear( as I have heard the one from Coola is quieting to do).

For the advantage of applying SPF without scouring my face whether it is on the grounds that I’m wearing cosmetics or in light of the fact that I don’t need my fingers contacting my face, these to splashes carries out the responsibility absolutely sufficiently.


I’m searching for one as well so in the event that you discover one please let us know!


Additionally looking as well.



I have one from La Roche Posay. I just utilized it once on the grounds that I don’t generally wear makeup all that regularly. I didn’t see anything amiss with it. It creates exceptionally light beads, I scarcely even felt them.

I realize Vichy has some shower water thingies for sun assurance too.

What’s more, a ton of brands have sunscreen powders, perhaps you can have a go at investigating those.

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