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Looking for Advice: Want My Tiny Little Lips Looking More Extensive

My lips are little. Not slender, little. They seem as though god went on Mii producers and did one of these folks — > <—to an ordinary pair. They’re only a hair more extensive than my slim nose.

I don’t have a genuine issue with it since I’ve been doing truly well with self-esteem recently and I think I look extraordinary. The issue is that at whatever point I need to explore different avenues regarding cosmetics, lipstick makes them look significantly more minuscule than they as of now. Furthermore, I can’t accomplish a few looks that I like without lip shading. I realize individuals can utilize cosmetics to make meagre lips look greater however shouldn’t something be said about little lips looking more extensive? Does anybody have any tips for this?


What I do is utilize a characteristic or marginally darker than my lip shading lip liner and simply attract a minuscule line each edge of my mouth. In accordance with the lip seal as though broadening it each side (if that bodes well I don’t know). At that point, I in some cases associate this line to the blueprint of my lips. I haven’t played with this to an extreme so I don’t know whether you ought to make the line straight or calculated marginally up or down conjecture that relies upon the look you’d like. Perhaps you could feature the very corners and this may draw them separated as well? Only an idea☺️ trust that bodes well


It does. Much obliged to you to such an extent!



A pale shading, impartial or light pink with some sparkle like ice can be applied and regardless of whether it’s smudges over the lip line it looks cool. The additional surface of the ice ensures lips seem to look greater. Avoid Mattes and brights which must be applied correctly and point out the state of your lips.


I’ve in every case truly enjoyed those lighter hues at any rate. Perhaps it’s intended to be haha


Having little lips is extremely wonderful and doll-like! Grasp it 🙂


Much obliged to you 🙂


I was simply thinking when I read this post – I wager she looks excellent and simply isn’t understanding it!


Wow I didn’t ask you all to attempt to make me cry (lmao simply joking)


Better believe it I have a thin little mouth. I consider them heart or rosebud lips. I’ve had individuals bother me for doing kiss lips in photographs however my kin brought up I have a tight mouth and consistently look kinda “pressed together”. At that point, those individuals shut up.

I comprehend you’re looking for tips yet I’ve likewise figured out how to grasp it. It’s not in vogue now but rather there are times when lips like this were viewed as lovely and they make an “unmistakable” look.

Presently my recommendation – I still over the line and overstate the cupid’s bow. This truly accentuates the rosebud or heart impact. Essentially I intentionally play it up and make a characterized shape.

Utilize light shaping on the cheeks and nose to make the sides smaller and mouth seem more extensive conversely. Somewhat bronzer is sufficient.

Matte strong hues appear to give my mouth more nearness, in opposition to the thought they’d recoil my mouth. A spot of gleam in the middle makes hallucination of completion which additionally upgrades the rosebud impact.

For sheer or light lip hues, I concur with the obscured edges look yet ensure there’s still enough difference in shading among skin and lips or the lips can get “lost”.

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