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Destruction: Hotel Owner Knocks Governor Wike Over Detention Of Employee

There is a vile move by the administration to announce his worker COVID-19 positive to legitimize their “shocking wrongdoing.”

Needam Gogorobari, Owner of Prodest Hotel that was demolished by the Rivers state government for damaging the lockdown, has raised caution over danger to the life of his worker, Dr Bariledum Azoroh, who dealt with the lodging.

Enibia Blog reported that some time ago, READ HERE

Azoroh was put under a necessary isolate as requested by a state Magistrate court for spurning the administration order.

Gogorobari, in an announcement, asserted there is an evil move by the legislature to proclaim his worker COVID-19 positive to legitimize their “appalling wrongdoing.”

Mr Needam Gogorobari

He stated, “I have it on great power, in light of savvy report contacting me today (24th May 2020) that the supervisor of Prodest Hotel in Eleme, Dr Bariledum Job Azoroh, who a detainee of the Rivers State Government has been encircled up by an irregular employed clinical officials enlisted by Governor Wike with a report that he has tried positive to COVID-19 while in confinement with the Rivers State Government.

“The unlawful detainment office is in Stadium, Elekahia, Port Harcourt and the Federal Government have since kicked against all types of illicit confinement in Rivers State. The organization of Governor Wike has no respect for the standard of law and affections for the poor masses.

“You will additionally review that the director was held by Governor Wike and kept in this hoodlum arena office and secretly attempted and sentenced a week ago with a fine of N50,000 and to be confined for 14 days. This is the most exceedingly terrible maltreatment to resident’s human rights under the Quarantine Act.

“The Rivers State Government and Governor of Rivers State must be held obligated for contaminating my supervisor, who is in their guardianship for more than 15 days, with COVID-19. He was a solid individual before his capture. It is, accordingly, medicinally unthinkable that the disease happened before his confinement. “

“I and the Rivers State Government are at knives drawn over the destruction of my lodging. It is a savage represent a similar government to convict my supervisor and now contaminate him with the novel Coronavirus. It is likewise realized that the target of the Governor is to slaughter my supervisor and his legal advisor by directing some strange clinical following to the legal advisor.

“President Muhammadu Buhari should step in now to stop the wrath of the Governor of Rivers State. He ought to submit Dr Bariledum Job Azoroh to NCDC in Abuja and stop every single further action in this issue. All concerned are by this guidance to seek refuge until the President steps in. This circumstance requires the full usage of a highly sensitive situation in Rivers State.”

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