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Could Too Much Healthy Affection Be Harmful, Any Unfriendly Impact To Being Kissed 100x Per Day?

This feels like an odd inquiry yet I regularly wonder on the off chance that I embrace and kiss my children to an extreme. I have a 5 and 3-year old, and I can’t stroll by them without kissing the highest point of their head or their cheek or giving them a crush.

Like 99% of guardians feel about their own children, I simply love them so much and think they are lovable. So it feels practically enthusiastic as though my dopamine holds need consistent recharging. In case I’m perusing them a book, I kiss their heads continually. My husband ribs me for it a piece and notices that it’s extreme. Accepting they wouldn’t fret it(I do ask), is this terrible for them by one way or another? I realize they’ll get to an age when they’ll need nothing to do with me, yet I truly stress of there’s some unfriendly impact to being kissed 100x per day. I didn’t originate from an especially tender family so I have no p

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