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Sleepovers – Advice, If It’s Not Much Trouble How to Explain And State No?

My little girl is 15. How would I disapprove of different children guardians when they inquire as to whether my little girl can sleepover? I don’t need them to get outraged. One of her companion’s mums has informed me and I don’t have the foggiest idea how to react.

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The main guardians I have attempted to disclose our position to was for my more established little girl. A while later, they would not let their little girl spend time with my little girl and basically annihilated the companionship. I don’t need that to happen again yet I have to react and state no, else I’m simply being discourteous.

OK, so generally speaking, we don’t permit our children to sleep out. I’m simply considering what others’ contemplations are on this?

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Note: we do permit her companions to rest here. Indeed, I understand that is dishonest.

Alter for explanation: I am interested in what others’ conclusions are about sleepovers all in all. Not what their suppositions are about my feeling on sleepovers. I don’t think I clarified that well. I am simply considering how different families feel about them and whether they permit them – why/why not, and so on.


You don’t generally say what your explanation is here (not that you need to legitimize your reasons) however I’m only inquisitive with respect to what your reasons are. I didn’t permit my little girl to state the night with individuals we didn’t have the foggiest idea yet to urge sound fellowships and to discover safe spaces for my girl, I made a point to become acquainted with the guardians of her old buddies. I allowed her sleepovers with those families that we had assembled fellowships with.

Here’s the truth. Your little girl is 15. In 2 years, she will be a grown-up (I’m expecting you live someplace that 18 is viewed as a grown-up). She might need to head off to college. She may move out. This is where you really have some control and can direct your girl through this time in her life and help her to use sound judgment, train her to secure herself and offer her encounters outside of your family. You can’t ensure your little girl always and your opportunity is approaching.

With the entirety of that stated, I’m making an effort not to adjust your perspective, simply offering a point of view: the most ideal approach to tell somebody your answer is no is to just say, thank you for the welcome for (little girl). We have a standard in our home that we don’t permit sleepovers outside of our home. This is a standard that we have consistently had set up and I trust that you’ll comprehend.

You could share an explanation – I’ve had the legitimate explanation that my little girl had outrageous hypersensitivities and didn’t get along nicely at different homes. In any case, you don’t need to legitimize your reasons or clarify. It shouldn’t demolish a decent companionship however so I wouldn’t pressure a lot about that. Most guardians ought to comprehend in spite of the fact that they may think about it literally despite the fact that it isn’t. I generally would deal with another person’s youngster like they are mine yet until somebody realizes me well, they most likely wouldn’t realize that. Also, I acknowledge that.

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