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Auntie ‘MAD’ About My ‘PREGNANCY’

I am a 19-year-old young lady and as of late discovered that I’m pregnant with my bf’s child. I am super about it and enlightened my family regarding it. My close family is extremely steady of it, however, my father’s sister response truly hurt me.

I called her on Friday night to reveal to her the news and she disclosed to me how baffled she was with me. At the point when I revealed to her that this infant was not arranged, she didn’t trust me and began hollering at me. She disclosed to me I was youthful and I “better prematurely end that thing.” She has NEVER EVER addressed me like that. I was stunned to such an extent that I had no clue about what to state. She disclosed to me I was an awful impact on my more youthful kin and her little youngsters. She continued shouting about what a moron I was and revealed to me that when I’m finished destroying my life not to call her.

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At the point when I informed my father concerning the call, he was irate and had a go at calling her, yet she didn’t get. Presently, she’s not addressing any of us. Would someone be able to assist me in making sense of what to do?

low maintenance insane

Sounds like this is raising feelings in her, and she is taking it out on you. Leave it to be. At the point when she is prepared to apologize, she realizes how to get in touch with you.


Truly, I’d state you needn’t bother with that sort of poisonousness in your life and check yourself happier. That being stated, she may alter her perspective once the bab

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