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Messi: “Football Will Never Be The Same Again’

Lionel Messi accepts that football will “never be the equivalent again” because of the coronavirus pandemic, as he becomes accustomed to an alternate method of preparing.

Messi and his Barcelona colleagues will come back to full contact preparing on Monday. Up to this point, preparing has been in two gatherings of up to 14 players.

With La Liga planned to return on June 11, in secret, Messi feels the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are not simply transient ones, demanding life will be not quite the same as this second forward.

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Messi told El Pais: “I think there were a lot of pessimistic things in this emergency, however, there can be nothing more regrettable than losing your loved ones the most, that makes gigantic dissatisfaction for me and appears to be the most out of line thing of all.”

“The vast majority of us are left with questions about what the world will resemble in the wake of everything that has occurred. Past the control and the circumstance that overwhelmed us, numerous individuals had an extremely tough time since this circumstance influenced them somehow or another, as it occurred with each one of the individuals who lost their loved ones and couldn’t see them.

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