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South Korea Will Give 10,000 Masks And Hand Sanitizer To Help The Korean War Veterans Fight Coronavirus

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea will give 10,000 veils and hand sanitizer to help Navajo veterans of the 1950-53 Korean War battle the coronavirus, the legislature said Monday.

It was the most recent in a progression of philanthropic shipments from South Korea to outside veterans in front of the 70th commemoration of the June 25 beginning of the war that set the United States and the South in opposition to the socialist sponsored North.

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Health authorities have reported 3,912 positive cases and 140 deaths on the desert reservation, which covers parts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, and has a population of 175,000.

South Korea’s Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs said it was “sending protective items including 10,000 masks to the hidden heroes of the Korean War in the Navajo Nation for the people who are hit especially hard by COVID-19,” the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.

About 800 Navajo men served in the war, many as Code Talkers who used their native language as an unbreakable code to confound opposing forces. Around 130 of the Navajo veterans are still alive, the ministry said.

The 70th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee will deliver the masks and hand sanitizers to the veterans and their loved ones as an expression of gratitude for their contribution, according to a press release.

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