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Alicia Silverstone Says She Has Been Taking Baths with Her Son, 9, While Self-Isolating

“My child and I scrub down together,” Silverstone, 43, told the New York Times in an ongoing meeting while examining life while social isolating in the midst of the continuous coronavirus pandemic.

Alicia Silverstone is opening up about an isolate action she appreciates with her 9-year-old child Bear Blu.

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“At the point when he’s not with me, I wash up and that truly feels feeding and ameliorating,” Silverstone, who offers Bear with ex Christopher Jarecki, told the paper.

The previous couple got hitched in 2005 and separated in 2018.

Silverstone shared that she’s additionally delighted in cooking, going for long strolls, rehearsing yoga and writing in her diary.

The Clueless star disclosed to The New York Times that she’s additionally been centred around her wellbeing.

“I continually take everything back to eat fewer carbs,” Silverstone told the news outlet. “At the point when I don’t eat well, I don’t feel well, and afterwards my dispositions go everywhere.”

Silverstone has been focused on veganism since her mid-20s, as indicated by the Times. She likewise shared that the way of life helped clear up her skin break out and helped her get thinner.

In 2017, Silverstone opened up about taking care of her child a vegetarian diet, considering it an “easy decision.”

“Having the option to accomplish something that is useful for the earth, useful for the creatures and bravo all simultaneously appears such an easy decision. It resembles the greatest ‘Duh!’ ” Silverstone said in a video for the philanthropic Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Meals program.

She said that when Bear is gotten some information about being a veggie lover is, he reacts: “That you don’t need to eat yucky meat.”

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