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Indian police constables Kneels on Prajapat’s Neck For Couple Of Moments In A Viral Video (Watch)

In a token of George Floyd’s case, a video of a police constable nailing a man to the ground and stooping on his neck in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur has turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media. Jodhpur DCP (West) Priti Chandra said the cop had acted in self-protection to keep the man from assaulting him.

The occurrence occurred Thursday when Mukesh Kumar Prajapat was discovered meandering without a veil by two police constables. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the legislature has made it obligatory for residents to destroy a cover before venturing.

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The police officers claimed that Prajapat started slapping and hitting them when they stood up to him for infringement of the standards.

One of the constables can be seen bowing on Prajapat’s neck for a couple of moments in the viral video.

“A constable tapped the individual’s photograph when he was not wearing a veil. What’s more, when the constable moved toward him and enquired why he was not wearing a cover, the individual promptly pulled out a veil and compromised them that he will gouge their eyes,” DCP Chandra said.

“Along these lines, the police officers required a jeep yet before it could show up, the man began slapping and punching both the constables – there are recordings of the equivalent. We have recorded an FIR against him and captured him,” she included.

The DCP stated: (It is common that the cops will stifle him and not get pummeled).

“In the event that a cop is being slapped and punched while in uniform, at that point it is humiliating for the whole society. I feel the general public ought to be sufficiently developed to understand that on the off chance that a man is in uniform, at that point it shouldn’t imply that the individual ought to be reprimanded without an explanation… ” she included.

Jodhpur police additionally alluded to two bodies of evidence recorded against Prajapat, including one by his dad documented a year ago where he had affirmed that his child had gouged his eye.

Chandra stated, “The individual was without a cover, and in Jodhpur West alone, we are making a move against 400-600 (people). On the off chance that somebody isn’t wearing a cover, at that point, chances are high that the infection may spread quickly.”

In the US, the ongoing killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis cop who bowed on his neck for nine minutes has started huge shock the nation over.


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