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Natural Cat Eye Look

Plan to marathon watch every one of her recordings. I would not joke about this. I once in a while watch make up instructional exercises nowadays however Lisa Eldridge is a special case since that lady educates so a lot thus well. I as of late rewatched a nine-year-old video by her and it was as yet first-rate.


It would be ideal if you show me how you did the eye cosmetics!?


I think Lisa Eldridge has an instructional exercise for a fundamentally the same as look.

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Today’s Makeup Look


I’ve never observed this current lady’s recordings yet I think it is crazy that she put on all the apparel things her feline has brought to her toward the finish of this video.


just viewed the entire thing in light of ur remark! adored it!


She’s extremely incredible, an amazing cosmetics craftsman. I fantasy about getting one of her lipsticks.

She has a video with Alexa Chung and they talk about their “horsey faces” which made me giggle.


OMG thank you to such an extent! I had discovered Lisa Eldridge years back and overlooked her name. Each once in for a spell I would attempt to discover her with no karma. Much thanks to YOU!!!


Actually so anyone can hear stated, “What? What??” A great look like!


Concealer – BH studio professional complete inclusion concealer in medium with impartial

Establishment – BH beautifying agents fluid establishment normally perfect in reasonable brilliant

Setting powder – Kat Von D Lock-it translucent setting powder

Become flushed – Nars redden in Orgasm

Bronzer – ABH powder bronzer in Tawny

Eyeshadow – BH beautifying agents Ultimate Neutrals Shadow Palette

Mascara – Maybelline Mega Plush Volum Express

Eyebrows – Dark earthy coloured eyeshadow from BH beautifying agents Ultimate Neutrals Shadow Palette


So very much done! Would you be able to expand on which eye shadow hues you utilized? I googled the palette and can’t start to pinpoint which shades may have been utilized in this look.

(Sorry if this is an stupid inquiry, I’m genuinely new to make up and couldn’t imagine anything better than to copy something like this!)


You are thoroughly alright! I utilized the darkest earthy coloured which is the sixth shade on the third column. I recently applied that with a calculated brush as though it were eyeliner and afterwards utilized a littler mixing brush to mix it more into my eye while as yet keeping the sharpish feline eye look. That is a similar shade I utilized on my inward eyes too.


For the internal corner, do you experience any difficulty shielding that area from smirching or would you say you are ready to make it last? On the off chance that so please reveal to me your ways!

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