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Shubh Saran – Safe Jazz (Watch)

I’ve been tuning in to this fella for seven days constant. The small loft live is pass on top 25 of the best tunes I’ve at any point heard

Slip is another incredible one from him. What’s more, Haze is great. Truly, that entire collection is incredible and I would strongly prescribe anybody hear it out.

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Joni Shill Wilson – Who’s Sorry Now – Private Press AOR Country Pop Rock (Listen)

Just expected to tune in to the initial 20 seconds yet remained for the entire thing..great stuff guys..really altogether different yet additionally paramount and snappy

Live Safe Jazz

On the off chance that you thought this sounded unique, at that point you might not have encountered a lot of present-day jazz and jazz combination previously. So congrats, you have an entire heap of new music you get the chance to appreciate! So on the off chance that you delighted in this, hit up Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, and Snarky Puppy and have a fabulous time!


Shubh saran is on my radar for a long while now, I love this person and how dynamic he and his bandmates are. Look at the video of Adam Neely while visiting with them, got some decent inside Infos




Jared FUCKING yee


Goodness. So I’ve never known about him. Presently I’m an hour into his stuff. This is the thing that I didn’t realize I required. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.


Goodness, this made me glad.


I love Shubh Saran, one of my preferred jazz performers


Stunning. This is stunning music. Such cool innovativeness. ++

Pleasant – The actually Very ground-breaking melody which impacts anybody with harsh moms…

music spilling

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