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3rd & 11 With Momentum On Arizona’s Side And Here’s Jimmy With A Money Throw, With Pressure In His Face. ( Watch)

The 49ers showed poise, pragmatism, and resiliency in their 36-26 win over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday.Those are characteristics that have served them well all season — the characteristics of a playoff team in the NFL.

And in overcoming their own failures to win Sunday, they put themselves a win or two away from effectively clinching a playoff berth — the team’s first since 2013.


This game made Brock Osweiler so much money

LaDainian Tomlinson Calls NFL’s Treatment of Colin Kaepernick a ‘Bruised Eye’

But with the toughest stretch of the season looming — three straight games against division leaders (Green Bay, Baltimore, New Orleans) — fighting through self-made adversity isn’t much more than character-building. It’s a momentary feel-good story.

Shanahan schemed that guy wide open.

Schemed the accuracy on that throw too

Chiefs Bandwagon
You gotta think that Jimmy is going to miss Emmanuel Sanders this year. Sanders had 53 targets in 10 games regular season games with the 49ers. Deebo had 49 over that stretch. Deebo did outpace Sanders in the playoffs, though (18 targets vs. 8) but Sanders really worked well in that offense.

He also “missed” sanders last year.

Chiefs Bandwagon

That’s incredible


F*ck. We played some great games last year. Can’t wait to play them again.

This is great. My favorite of the seasons were the two 3rd & 16 conversions to beat the rams in the closing minutes of the game.

The second one, Sanders was wide open – blown coverages; but the first was such a great strike down the middle to Bourne of all people.

I have an unhealthy love for KB because of how hard he worked after the first Toots game to cut out the drops

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