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Chris D’Elia, ‘You’ Star and Comedian, Facing Numerous Sexual Misconduct and Grooming Allegations on Twitter

Comic Chris D’Elia has been blamed for sexual offence on Twitter. On Tuesday, client Simone Rossi, who passes by the screen name @girlpowertbh, tweeted out a progression of screen captures delineating a discussion among herself and somebody who gives off an impression of being D’Elia.

The discussion itself demonstrates to be from 2014, where the You star gives off an impression of being mentioning “a pic” from Rossi. While the sender’s name is shut out in the pair of pictures, it seems to peruse D’Elia’s name, to a limited extent. In a subsequent tweet, Rossi, who demonstrated that she was 16 at that point, composed that she was “being prepared by a phenomenal entertainer” who was twice her age.


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She additionally guarantees that the two never got together and she had gotten a beau her own age. Rossi then goes on to more points of interest about their supposed communications, where she later notices the comic by name.

In more follow-up tweets, Rossi additionally guarantees that the comic utilized his age for his potential benefit, and keeping in mind that she was humiliated about it, she thought it was “an interesting story to tell at parties.” However, she said she chose to stand up over worries that he could, in any case, be doing it, before getting out Netflix for throwing him in You. In the wake of Rossi’s tweets becoming famous online, a bunch of others made comparable charges, a large number of which were done secretly.

being 16 and being groomed by a stand up comedian

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