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Giving Kids Freedom + Keeping Them Safe

I’ve always been extremely liberal-minded and I’ve always felt (since I was a teenager myself) that once I had children of my own, I’d treat the boys and girls relatively the same.

Male friends of mine growing up would just lounge about their houses wearing nothing but a towel around their waist but I, and my friend’s sisters were expected to be 100% fully clothed at all times.

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Breasts are not inherently sexual so at home, in their rooms, they don’t need to cover their chests, girls or boys. Outside of their rooms, they’re expected to at least wear a shirt (both girls and boys) and underwear.

They should feel safe and comfortable in their own home, provided we don’t have adult guests over.
But from about 13 to 16, I experienced sexual exploitation from one of the adults within my own home.

Pictures being taken of me unbeknownst to me, being “slyly” touched because it was too hot to wear more than a shirt and underwear. Opportunities that arose because I wasn’t fully clothed 24/7 in my room, in my own home.

A little more than 10 years after the fact, I’ve been considering having kids and I still feel the same way I did about the home being a safe space. Kids shouldn’t have to start wearing more clothes just because they start developing, they shouldn’t be around people that would take advantage of that in the first place.

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