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I’m A 23-yrs-old And I’m Barely Getting Into Cosmetics!

I do the MOST insignificant cosmetics ever! Just mascara & redden! Yet, I truly need to begin doing my full face and full BEAT! I watched huge amounts of YouTube instructional exercises however I don’t feel like I got the hang of anything, so I felt free to purchase all that I need! cosmetics is so EXPENSIVE!

Would it be advisable for me to do concealer then establishment or the other way around? Would it be a good idea for me to do my eyes before my face?

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I have no clue about what skin type I have sleek or blend of both. I don’t have a clue what shading my undercurrent is.

My skin scarcely breaks out nor do I get pimples, I have an insignificant skincare routine as well. Do I need to change that too due to wearing cosmetics and obstructing my pores to effectively clean my face?

I feel so overpowered, IDK how you all beautiful women and gentlemen do it! I see 13 yrs old do some impeccable cosmetics and I could scarcely do my eyebrows!

How might I improve my cosmetics aptitudes? Is it experimentation? Or then again observing unendingly cosmetics instructional exercises?

Ultimately there are tons of cosmetics brands! Which ones would I get and which ones would it be advisable for me to maintain a strategic distance from??


OK, so a portion of this is on inclination. In the event that you like doing emotional eyeshadow, at that point I would do eyes first in light of the fact that there’s a ton of aftermath else I would do establishment first. With concealer, in the event that it’s a lighter shade than your establishment, at that point you ought to do that second. On the off chance that it’s a similar shade, at that point I would state it’s doesn’t truly matter. For deciding your skin type, there’s a ton of articles on that. For example, a combo skin type would be a sleek t zone and different pieces of your face being dry. You could likewise simply have a typical skin type since you said you don’t get a lot of skin inflammation. Suggestions can be dubious to discover, however, there’s a ton of articles and recordings disclosing how to locate that out contingent upon what shading the veins on your wrist are.

At the point when you wear cosmetics, you may need to change your skincare routine to ensure you get all the cosmetics out to forestall a breakout. I would state to get a cleaning salve to wash away all the cosmetics and afterward scrub, tone, serums/pith, at that point saturate You don’t need to do every one of these means, however, it’ll be gainful to your skin.

A few brands that I like are Urban Decay, Tarte, Colourpop, and Nyx. I’ve heard great things about Juvia’s Place, Fenty, and Nars, yet I still can’t seem to attempt those.

Expectation this aides 🙂


Much obliged to you! I truly value your wonderful recommendations and exhortation! I’ll certainly be glancing into all that you said!


I neglected to specify this in my unique remark, yet make a point not to utilize a creme item over a powder. It can turn out clumpy and ruin your establishment. On the off chance that you utilize a powder over your establishment, utilize a powder become flushed/bronzer. In the event that you don’t set your establishment with powder, at that point powders, creams, sticks, and so on will work fine. Notwithstanding, a few brands aren’t good with others so you may need to try. On the off chance that you definitely know this present, that is incredible! In any case, it just occurred to me that you may not know and I need you to look grabbed

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