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Man Continues Shooting Binge In La Union For Being Called ‘Uncircumcised’

CAMP DIEGO SILANG, La Union – Three men are currently in the emergency clinic recouping from discharge wounds after a man they prodded to be “uncircumcised” went on a shooting frenzy in Barangay Corro-oy, Santol, La Union Tuesday night, June 16.

La Union Police Provincial Office (LUPPO) Information Officer Major Silverio Ordinado, Jr. recognized the suspect as Mac Joel F. Obedoza, 30.

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His casualties were Aljon N. Oribio, 24, Harry V. Sabado, 17, and Jayson V. Sabado, all Barangay Corro-oy inhabitants.

Santol police said the casualties were having a drinking meeting at the habitation of Ricardo Sabado when Obedoza happened to cruise by.

It was then that the casualties shouted to Obedoza, and prodded him as being uncircumcised, in Ilocano. This started a warm contention between the gathering and the suspect.

The verbal column finished with Obedoza leaving the zone, just to return furnished with a bore .45 gun which he used to take shots at the people in question.

Oribio was hit in the left arm, Sabado in the mid-region, and Sabado in the midsection and chest. They all were brought to Balaoan District Hospital for clinical treatment.

The suspect was later captured and kept at Santol police headquarters where he anticipates the documenting of disappointed homicide allegations against him.

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