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Age Of Consent Map In Europe

This isn’t correct in light of the fact that you read the content inaccurately. On the off chance that the principal passage applies, for example, one of the two intellectually excessively “youthful”, yet the two are 4 years separated it will be legitimate again I think.

Ok chaps don’t screw 14-year-olds that is so frightening


While the period of assent here in Austria is 14 it just means underage individuals. In the event that you are more than 18, you can’t legally lay down with a multi-year-old…

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Surely. No compelling reason to condemn youngsters for shagging one another.


Precisely. That time of assent thing here isn’t as obvious as it appears. There are many details with regards to the issue of assent.

For whatever length of time that the two gatherings are underage then truly, it’s 14. When one turns 18 the laws change.



I’m almost certain that is off-base

You can lay down with somebody more seasoned than 18 as a 14+-year-old, there are simply numerous limitations

The period of security in Austria is 14 years. The time of ascent starts at this age (Section 74 (1) 1 ÖStGB). As far as sexuality, this implies on a basic level all types of sexual contact with which both concur are allowed as long as both have arrived at the age of 14, except if one of the people included isn’t yet full-grown enough for specific reasons, “To see the significance of the procedure or to act as indicated by this understanding” and the culprit exploits this absence of development and his age-related prevalence (Section 207b (1) StGB). For this situation, sexual acts with this individual are culpable as long as they are younger than 16. Regardless, sexual acts that don’t bring about (sex and sexual acts practically identical to sex) are, in any case, not culpable if the age distinction doesn’t surpass 4 years and the more youthful individual isn’t more youthful than 12 years of age ( Section 207 (4) StGB). Sex isn’t culpable if the more youthful individual is in any event 13 years of age and the accomplice isn’t over 3 years more established (age resistance provision in Section 206 (4) of the Criminal Code). The period of insurance for prostitution is 18, which implies that the customer of a whore younger than 18 is culpable (Section 207b (3) of the Criminal Code).


“… not culpable if the age contrast isn’t over 4 years …”

Which is the situation when somebody is more than 18 and lays down with a multi-year-old

A 13 and multi-year-old couple are additionally not permitted to engage in sexual relations. This limitation may be lifted from the time of BOTH.

On the off chance that it doesn’t make a difference, it doesn’t make a difference at any rate.

By and by, a 14-year-old will most likely consistently be announced juvenile by a court during sex with a 50-year-old, it would be additionally energizing legitimately for a 25-year-old or somewhere in the vicinity


No, the multi-year rule applies as a rule. That with the juvenile just applies to the age up to 16. 🙂

“As per Austrian law, you can have sex from the age of 14. Sex is likewise permitted at 13 years old, however just on the off chance that you or your accomplice isn’t over 3 years more established. That implies sex between a 13 and 16-year-old individual is permitted. Then again, sex between a 13-and 17-year-old individual isn’t allowed. It doesn’t make a difference whether the two of them need sex. The more established individual is consistently culpable “Haha, might be in any case … In any case, a companion of mine was accounted for in light of the fact that he had something with a multi-year-old at 18 … Was a truly crappy circumstance since the two of them needed it yet the mother was against it. At long last, he needed to cut off the association … It’s been 10 years.

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