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Near perfect concealer for under eyes!

Some time back I composed a g*ddamn PhD thesis on finding the privilege concealer for both under-eye wrinkles and circles.

The determination was that an item should have been both oil-based and murky – which is so uncommon! – and the one in particular that finished the assessment for me was the Glossier Stretch Concealer.

I as of late gave a shot Uomo Stay Woke concealer and I needed to add it to the rundown of items that pretty much spread the two circles and lines! I’m attempting to investigate its exact plan, yet what I will say is that it’s more similar to a Shape Tape inconsistency, yet with some segment that makes it work like an oil-based item? (I know – I don’t have the foggiest idea what I’m discussing) and accordingly not subside into my lines.

It’s not great – by 5 pm I appear as though a marsh witch essentially regardless of what I do, yet I’d place Uoma scarcely under Glossier in my rankings.

Any other individual give it a shot? Considerations?

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