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U.S. “not going to permit Russia and China to keep” expanding atomic weapons store

U.S. arms control chats with Russia, and maybe China, are scheduled for Monday, June 22 in Vienna, only days after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo travelled to Honolulu to meet with China’s top ambassador Yang Jiechi at Hickam Air Force Base.

The discussions are planned for carrying China into more extensive dealings with Russia to confine each of the three nations’ atomic weapons stores.

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Concerns are mounting about Russian and Chinese enthusiasm for building up their atomic weapons stores. The discussions come two months after a State Department report brought up issues about their consistency with arms control, non-multiplication and demilitarization understandings and responsibilities.

“China’s general atomic store is going to twofold throughout the following 10 years. That obviously is an extraordinary concern,” – Says U.S. arms control moderator Ambassador Robert A. Wood.

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