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Tsubaki Oil Has Actually Blessed My Skin

On the off chance that you all can ever get your hands in any natural imported Tsubaki (camellia bloom) oil I propose it. I get it from my neighborhood Japanese Import Shop in Calgary Ab and it’s really given me like faultless skin.

 I’m talking a soft shine, tightened pores, even oil distribution, smooth skin like you wouldn’t believe.

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I have combination skin that’s very sensetive so I was hesitant to bring an oil in because it might just make my dry/oil combo worse but tsubaki oil is so clean and it soaks right in.

I use it as such: after my homemade coffee scrub after my showers, and usually I apply a thick moisturizer lightly dabbed to my problem spots and lightly applied to the neck and cheeks, then I put about 3 drops of tsubaki into my finger tips and lightly massage in circles.


… googled where to purchase and wound up on a servitude site 😳😂


How would you fuse it into your skincare schedule?


I haven’t utilized that particular item yet I have utilized Boscia’s Tsubaki whirl lotion, and I did truly like it. I think the main explanation I quit utilizing it was on the grounds that they quit conveying it at Sephora.

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