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5.5 Year Old Still Wearing Overnight Diapers

5.5 Year Old Still Wearing Overnight Diapers

My 5.5-year-old little girl despite everything wets her diaper around evening time. She has been utilizing the latrine since 2.5 (during the day) yet has never had in excess of 2 sequential dry evenings, so we despite everything have her wear a short-term diaper.

I’ve taken a stab at taking care of her in clothing and awakening her in the night, yet regularly she’d just had a mishap and would rest through it.

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She is by all accounts a profound sleeper and doesn’t regularly wake up for the duration of the night in any way, shape, or form. She’s formatively doing superbly. I have spoken with her pediatrician about it on a couple of events and she isn’t worried and noticed that a few children simply take longer.

Has anybody encountered this with their youngster, and did you simply endure it? Or then again did you discover my approach to accelerate the progress out of evening time diapers?

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