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Advice On Issues With Bacne

As others stated, wash the sweat off at the earliest opportunity. Engineered textures certainly exacerbate it for me, stick to cotton whenever the situation allows.

I truly need tips and exhortation on the most proficient method to forestall and treat bacne. In addition to the fact that I have bacne, I have some skin break out on my chest, shoulders, neck, and scalp.

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For quite a while this has made me extremely uncertain and I simply need a few different ways to forestall and treat the pimples. Discovering what precisely aims pimples can be useful as well. Kindly let me know! Much obliged!


I battle with body skin inflammation also. What I have seen as best is utilizing a salicylic corrosive body wash (Neutrogena has a cheapish one). I likewise use Stridex cushions to wipe at whatever point I can. Daily without a doubt, and once in a while during the day in the event that I got sweat-soaked. Stridex cushions resemble $5 and keep going for quite a while.

As others stated, wash the sweat off at the earliest opportunity. Engineered textures certainly exacerbate it for me, stick to cotton whenever the situation allows. Blend benzoyl peroxide with your cream for an option to salicylic corrosive stuff.

Good karma!

Just to include Benzoyl Peroxide would blanch texture so be careful when you wear garments/towel off after you apply that to skin. I had demolished a couple of shirt collars on account of BP all over, can’t envision how the shirt would look had I apply it to my back.



No genuinely, I get the collars turning orange as well, and I had no idea!!!! You are a lifeline

What’s more, in the event that you have delicate water, you may just believe you’re flushing it off well. I washed like damnation and still figured out how to dye a pleasant towel.

this may be an uninformed inquiry to pose, however, is it safe to put something on your skin that can fade texture?


I utilize the objective brand for the salicylic wash! Less expensive than the Neutrogena and works similarly also. It helped me a great deal yet, in addition, make a point to saturate


No, yet I get cystic like pimples on my rump and afterward dull imprints after they’re gone. I can’t wear swimming outfits as a result of it. I’ve been managing this longer than 10 years, smh.

Omg same! I read someplace shedding, salicylic corrosive, and warm packs help. I just began doing this so IDK on the off chance that it functions admirably yet. You could have folliculitis, in some cases mine erupts. I’d state see a specialist about it, they may have the option to endorse a superior prescription than doing an entire ass schedule


Much thanks to you! I will attempt this! I have an up and coming excursion to a seashore and might want to feel great in my swimwear.

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